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AgilePoint NX Offers a Unique Opportunity to Channel Players.

Develop Your Own IP

With traditional channel revenues in decline, it makes sense more than ever to develop your own IP. But that’s easier said than done. Customers need custom point-solutions and context-specific workflows, not generic, off-the shelf business apps. The good news is AgilePoint NX was designed with adaptability in mind.

AgilePoint NX allows you to quickly build low-code, cross-functional, composite business apps that can be easily configured for different use cases. If a customer needs you to swap out one system—say a CRM—and plug in another one, it’s no problem with AgilePoint NX’s model-driven architecture.

Retain Your Own Brand

AgilePoint NX is available at NXone, an online, integrated portal that allows you build, maintain, and manage applications. NXone can be private labeled, and multi-tenancy can be extended to your customers.

In other words, your customers will, in effect, be logging into your portal with your branding elements and will have the ability to manage their own rights, permissions, and instance, just as they could on or Marketo.

Meet Customer Demands

Most organizations are in some stage of transitioning to the cloud, and will be using a combination of on-premises and cloud-native services. Delivering business apps into these kinds of enterprises involves incredible flexibility—a declarative application framework that will let you call activities from on-premises systems, such as SharePoint 2010, and cloud-based services, such as Salesforce, or Oracle Sales Cloud.

AgilePoint NX was built with these requirements in mind, allowing you to customize your portfolio of business applications to meet the needs of any organization.