AgilePoint NX

Build, deploy, and manage
responsive business apps.

Low Code

Cross Cloud

Cross Platform

Hosted or On-Premises



Build Apps Fast

AgilePoint NX allows you to create business apps with interactive forms, composite workflows, and integrated data sources faster than you might have thought possible.

Build Apps Once

AgilePoint NX apps are responsive to devices, browsers, environments, and changing business requirements. And a single app can be configured for multiple use cases.

Change Apps with Ease

AgilePoint NX allows you to reconfigure application characteristics at runtime using plain language—no coding required. And there's no need to recompile and reexecute.

The AgilePoint NX Difference

AgilePoint NX may look like other enterprise-class application development platforms, but it's really not. For example, it can be consumed as a service or deployed on-premises.




AgilePoint uses a directly executable model that is interpreted at runtime, enabling highly dynamic workflows that adapt to a changing business context.

—Gartner, Inc.

Gartner iBPMS MQ 2015

AgilePoint positioned in Gartner's
iBPMS Magic Quadrant for 2015.

CIO Review IoT Report

AgilePoint named one of the most
promising IoT companies for 2015.

AgilePoint, a long-time leader in the iBPMS space, is now leading the way into application development for the IoT. . . .

—CIO Review Magazine


While [AgilePoint NX] provides capability beyond what many elite enterprise BPMs provide, its various pricing models enable [organizations] of any size to realize the benefits of powerful . . . BPM features.

—CIO Review Magazine

CIO Review BPM Report

AgilePoint named one of the most
promising BPM vendors of 2015.

BIG Case Study Award

AgilePoint wins 2014 BIG award
for Business Case Study of the Year.

[The AgilePoint-based] system automates the enterprise workflows, prioritizes registrations according to business rules, manages record de-duplication, and has cut processing times from days to seconds.

—Business Intelligence Group







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