Build low-code forms, workflows, and business apps fast.

  Compose apps that are SharePoint-version agnostic.
  Incorporate Microsoft and non-Microsoft systems.
  Build anything from simple workflows to composite systems.


The Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Development Platforms, Q2 2016

"AgilePoint's greatest strength is its intuitive application development environment, which is easy to navigate and provides comprehensive declarative tooling that makes it easy for novice or expert developers to build new apps."



Win the Innovation Race
with a Low-Code Platform



Guest Presenter:
Clay Richardson
Forrester Principal Analyst


Innovate on Demand

With the AgilePoint NX low code platform, you can turn ideas into apps fast, providing solutions when they're needed and capitalizing on opportunities when they present themselves.

Eliminate Extraneous

With AgilePoint NX, a single app can do the work of many. An NX app will run on any platform, on any device, on-premises or in the cloud. You can even reconfigure an app different ways for different use cases, and all configurations of an app can run in parallel.


Adapt to Anything

Who knows what tomorrow brings. New ideas. New challenges. New business conditions. With the AgilePoint NX low code platform, adapting existing apps to changing requirements is an easy drag-drop-and-configure process.

Embrace the Future

The world of computing is changing rapidly. Digital business. The Internet of Things. The need for business apps that can power an emerging global, electronic nervous system that ebbs and flows and changes constantly. It's all just around the corner. With AgilePoint NX, you can be ready.


“The [AgilePoint-based] system automates the enterprise workflows, prioritizes registrations according to business rules, manages record de-duplication, and has cut processing times from days to seconds.”

—Anurag Pathik, Head of IT and Development


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