Transform Your Enterprise
into a Digital Ecosystem

Engage everything and everyone with low-code
business apps that listen and adapt and trigger
reactions and responses throughout your enterprise.


The Enterprise Ripple Effect

Drop a pebble in a pond and the ripples reach every shore. A similar ripple effect should work throughout your enterprise. Events logged
in one system or application should trigger effects in others—status changes, process updates, notifications, and so on.

AgilePoint NX is an enterprise-class, low-code platform that lets you automate these interactions across every system and every application running in any environment and on any device.


I love AgilePoint NX!

It just does what you want it to in the way you think it should.

Kevin Brown
Chief Technology Officer at
East Lake Capital Management


A Few Examples

Here are just a few examples of the thousands of different types
of interactions you can automate with AgilePoint NX:

A status update in Salesforce triggers an order fulfillment process to begin. Status updates are provided to account reps.

A modified forecast in Salesforce automatically updates data in an ERP system, causing adjustments to raw-materials purchasing.

An open position is filled, HR is automatically notified, and new email and Yammer accounts are created.

A law firm is approached by a new client, conflict analysis is automatically completed, and partners are notified of potential problems.

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