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Single-Codebase Multi-tenancy.

AgilePoint NX supports a single-codebase, multiple-database approach. This architecture enables you to build powerful business apps and deploy them in multi-tenant SaaS environments, defining disparate departments or groups as tenants. You can also build and deploy your own portfolio of custom applications available on a subscription basis to your own customers.

Tenant-Layer Governance

AgilePoint NX allows you to extend management privileges to individual tenants. Department heads can have granular control over application access, process instances, the NXone portal, a full range of reports, and application development. Likewise, if your goal is to publish business apps to your own customer base, you can extend privileges to each customer.  The customer can then extend rights and privileges to their own department heads.

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Custom App Configurations

AgilePoint NX allows you to configure each component (activity or form) any number of different ways. This capability enables you to fine tune an app for each group tenant or customer.

Private-Label Portal

The AgilePoint NXone portal can be private labeled, allowing you to deliver a completely branded experience to your customers.

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