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Mobility for any Business App.

AgilePoint NX can be used to build simple, mobile business apps. But that’s not all. You can also build sophisticated, enterprise-class applications that interact with multiple line-of-business systems, linking people, data, and content into new, more efficient work patterns. AgilePoint NX’s unique architecture makes it possible to interact with these powerful applications using desktop, tablet, or handheld devices.

AgilePoint's new, custom-branded mobile-app framework enables you to generate tailored mobile apps as per your branding guidelines, menu choices etc.

Brilliant, Responsive Forms.

To develop enterprise-grade mobile apps, you need a powerful eforms designer. AgilePoint NX’s eforms toolkit makes it possible to build anything from simple forms with just a few fields and controls to complex, multi tabbed forms. AgilePoint NX provides 60+ control types (including Telerik controls) and lets you build business logic into the form itself, enabling dynamic restructuring of the form based on user input.

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Stop dreaming, start building your business application.  Try AgilePoint NX today. Forrester Research named AgilePoint NX one of the top five low-code application as a service platforms across all segments.  Find out why with a FREE 30-day trial.

Device-Specific Visualizations

AgilePoint NX enables you to design device-specific visualizations in both portrait and landscape. By visualizing the form on each type of device, you can selectively include or exclude fields and other page elements or resize elements for each type of device and in each orientation. In other words, a form running on a mobile phone might have different controls than the same form running on a tablet. User experience is optimized no matter the device.

No Need to Settle.

There are lots of options for developing mobile business apps. But many are light-weight development platforms that lack enterprise capability—the type of functionality that you’ll realize you need down the road. AgilePoint NX gives you enterprise-class capability, plus a range of features you can’t get anywhere else, all for a fraction of the upfront price and total cost of ownership over the long term of other elite systems.

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