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What’s greater?

The national financial debt or the national technical debt?

Technical debt is crushing many IT departments.

Most organizations have teams of IT people hand-coding connectivity between line-of-business systems using any number of low-level languages. Years of such development results in mountains
of spaghetti code, which requires constant maintenance just to keep it all running. And no matter the effort, the legacy headache gets ever bigger and more unwieldy.

AgilePoint NX lets you quickly modernize apps.

AgilePoint NX allows you to quickly replicate all of those hand-coded
apps with easy-to-understand, easy-to-maintain (even
self-adaptive) application models.

Developers leaving is not the end of the world.

When you’ve got a developer who’s been maintaining thousands of lines of spaghetti code for years, replacing him or her is not easy, and it could take weeks or months for someone new just to figure out how the code actually works. In contrast, AgilePoint NX application models are, in essence, self explanatory.

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