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Millions of sensors, mountains of data

With the Internet of Things (IoT), requirements for any given app could change any number of times a day. Thousands—even millions—of sensors monitor activity and push data to processing hubs that index it, synthesize it, and feed it back to machines running apps that need to be dynamically reconfigured based on this river of constantly changing business information.

Baked-in won’t cut it.

Hand coded apps—as well as apps built on some RAD platforms—have baked-in functionality. Modifying one of these baked-hard-as-a biscuit apps typically requires unloading from memory, changing the code, compiling, linking, and executing, and then loading it back into memory, where it will then need to be re-synced with potentially thousands of sub processes. The sheer weight of the machinery involved in this process makes baked apps unsuitable for the constantly evolving requirements of the IoT.

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Model-driven is where it’s at.

Agilepoint NX  utilizes a true, model-driven architecture, meaning that the model can be modified at run time – either manually or via feedback loops of fresh data – and, as it is, the underlying application code is likewise modified. Put another way, Agilepoint NX apps are continuously variable.

Stateless processing means scalability and fault tolerance

Exclusive to AgilePoint is a stateless process engine that loads individual parts of an application model as they are required, then jettisons them a few milliseconds later. Not only does this approach scale with the needs of the IoT, it also means that system failures will virtually never result in lost data and orphaned sub-processes.

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