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Industrial Use Cases

Industrial Internet of Things Use Cases

The Internet of Things (IoT) is upon us—billions of devices equipped with sensors generating data that
can be indexed, synthesized, and utilized to reconfigure software systems and make recommendations
in real time. AgilePoint NX is uniquely architected to enable you to build IoT apps fast that are flexible
enough to handle the constantly changing requirements of the IoT in industrial settings.

Here are just a few of many possible examples.

  • Predictive Maintenance

    AgilePoint NX allows you to create apps that interact with sensors in everything from delivery vehicles to
    CNC machines to conveyor belts so as to monitor and measure wear and machine tolerances. These
    apps then, based on known good values, proactively notify personnel that machine parts need to be
    repaired or replaced, eliminating the downtime and expense of having machine failure.

  • Smart Metering

    AgilePoint NX allows you to create apps that represent data from smart meters—meters that also record
    time and volume of consumption and not just usage—on dashboards, allowing stakeholders to adjust
    resources and even pricing to maximize profits. Likewise, these dashboards could be exposed to
    consumers, enabling them to curb consumption during peak (expensive) periods.

  • Asset tracking

    AgilePoint NX allows you to create apps that monitor asset positioning (everything from vehicles to
    people) and track them on interactive maps. Likewise these apps predict the availability of assets at
    various locations and prevent theft of assets. Emergency Services send the nearest available first
    responder automatically.

  • Traffic Monitoring and Control

    AgilePoint NX allows you to create apps that monitor traffic flow throughout a region based on sensors
    embedded in roads and signs. These apps proactively predict bottlenecks and systematically route traffic
    around problem areas, updating GPS Navigation information for consumers

  • Fire Alarm Management

    Companies that manage commercial and residential fire-alarm systems are plagued by false
    notifications, for example, well fired toast sets off a fire alarm. With AgilePoint NX, companies build a
    much more effective alarm system, one which provides real-time visuals for operators when an alarm
    goes off and provides temperature readings within the facility, which reinforce the validity of a fire