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Consumer Use Cases

Consumer Internet of Things Use Cases

For companies looking to capitalize on consumer-focused IoT apps, AgilePoint NX offers a unique value
proposition—a powerful low-code platform that will allow you to quickly build sophisticated IoT apps
that will self-adapt to changing business requirements.

Here are just a few examples of IoT apps you could build with AgilePoint NX.

  • Targeted Coupon Campaigns

    Using AgilePoint NX, retailers create an IoT app that auto generates coupons for each customer when
    he/she enters the store based on previous buying habits. These coupons are sent to each shopper via
    SMS or email. The app eliminates costly pre-printed coupon books and inserts and is more effective,
    sending each customer targeted coupons based on purchasing history.

  • Guided Shopping Experiences

    AgilePoint NX enables manufacturers to create apps that guide customers to their products in any
    grocery store they happened to be. Such apps can create an optimal route through a store, given each
    shopper’s list of required items, and guide shoppers through a shopping experience in the shortest
    amount of time and with the shortest route. Such an app would, of course, require that product displays
    be equipped with RFIDs.