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Manufacturing Use Cases

Inefficient and manual workflows cost time, money, and resources. But worst of all, they can decrease
customer satisfaction. AgilePoint NX lets you transform your manufacturing enterprise into a fully integrated,
finely tuned mechanism for making great products and great margins.

Following are a few examples of manufacturing use cases.

  • ISO Compliance

    Using AgilePoint NX, you can build apps that monitor ISO compliance across any number of specifications and
    notify the appropriate people when changes must occur.

  • Manufacturing-Line Monitoring

    With AgilePoint NX, you could build an app that monitors assembly lines, and, when problems occur,
    automatically routes components away from lines that are down.

  • Defect Monitoring

    AgilePoint NX allows you to decrease the number of defective products that make their way into the market
    via apps that perform pattern recognition, issue identification, and problem notifications.

  • Inventory Management

    AgilePoint NX lets you to build apps that track, report and even reorder components and
    materials when quantities reach a designated threshold.

  • Manufacturing Resource Planning

    AgilePoint NX lets you automate interactions across systems to ensure continuity. When the sales team
    adjusts forecasts, your ERP system could automatically be updated, reallocating resources as necessary.