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Legal Services

Legal Use Cases

The hourly billing model has been under attack for years. More and more customers—especially the big
ones—want value billing on transactional matters and fewer hours billed on non-transactional matters.
The solution to the value-billing problem is digital transformation—converting every manual process
into an automated workflow that spans functional departments, boundaries, and systems, driving
efficiency, accuracy, and compliance.

Here are just a few ways AgilePoint NX can help you get there:

  • Practice Management

    Small firms using off-the-shelf practice management systems still need workflows to tie into other
    systems and to streamline processes that fall outside their practice management shell. Large firms
    utilizing best-of-breed component systems for the different aspects of practice management need a
    wrapper platform that enables them all to work together seamlessly. AgilePoint NX empowers you to
    transform your practice, no matter its size, into a cost efficient, fully compliant enterprise by integrating
    common legal-practice systems.

  • Conflict Analysis

    AgilePoint allows you to build a sophisticated on-boarding system that does conflict analysis,
    cross-checking new clients against your current firm resume and cross-checking existing clients against
    prospective new legal talent.

  • Contract Lifecycle Management

    With AgilePoint NX, you overlay your CLM with additional workflows that go beyond simple
    notifications, cascading into other functional departments of your firm that need to take action on client
    matters in a timely way

  • Build Your Brand on “Digitally Nimble”

    The days where a law-firm’s reputation can stand as a proxy for value in any given transaction are
    quickly disappearing. Now firms have to repackage themselves, not on a firm resume, but on intangible
    assets that provide genuine differentiation. AgilePoint NX is a top-five low-code platform that enables
    you to transform the disparate parts of your practice into a harmonious ecosystem via applications that
    span departments, clients, applications, platforms, and devices.