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Healthcare Use Cases

AgilePoint NX allows your healthcare organization to streamline operations, maximizing efficiency,
minimizing risk, and improving the bottom line. Everything from employee on-boarding to account management
to surgical processes can be enhanced via deep integrations among the systems that control these processes.

Here are a few examples of the types of processes that can be improved with AgilePoint NX:

  • Revenue Cycle

    With AgilePoint NX, you can augment your existing management systems with workflows that streamline the
    authorization process, monitor patient progression throughout their care, and provide more accurate and
    timely billing.

  • Medical Records Management

    AgilePoint NX allows you to build sophisticated sequences of data-gathering forms. Medical data from
    other systems can be represented in these forms and data in any field can be validated with business rules,
    enforcing compliance with internal rules and external regulations. AgilePoint forms can be embedded in any
    of your systems, making medical data available wherever you need it, and AgilePoint forms run on any type
    of device.

  • Policy management

    AgilePoint NX enables you to overlay existing systems of record and line-of-business applications with custom
    workflows, which ensure accurate policy approvals and, thus eliminate risk and reduce lost revenue.