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Government Use Cases

Government organizations have many of the same challenges as commercial enterprises, with the added
complexity of having to deal with multiple market sectors simultaneously, such as various types of legal
entities, disparate industries, and vastly different regulatory compliance laws from industry to
industry. Perhaps the biggest challenge of all, though, is covering all the bases with shrinking budgets.

Here are few examples of where and how AgilePoint can help:

  • FOIA Requests

    Using AgilePoint NX, you can build apps that record the receipt of the request, start timing the process,
    and ensure that it is routed to the department(s) holding the information. Reminders can be automated,
    as can escalation to management if a breach is forecast. Fulfilled requests can be compiled and routed
    to the requester and public records can be updated automatically.

  • Automated School-Day Cancellations

    You could build a suite of apps that tie into existing school systems that trigger alerts to students,
    teachers and support staff, and local media when weather requires that school schedules will be altered
    by weather conditions.

  • Improve Efficiency

    With AgilePoint NX, you could reduce public office space by creating an app that dynamically schedules staff
    to work from home or from a particular office on specified days.