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Financial Services

Financial Services Use Cases

Digital transformation is sweeping the financial services sector as institutions seek improved efficiency,
automated compliance, and better overall customer experiences. With AgilePoint NX, everyone from
regional credit unions up to the largest commercial banks can transform disparate business units and
siloed systems into harmonious, digital ecosystems.

Here are just a few examples of the types of financial processes that can be automated with AgilePoint NX:

  • Account Management

    With AgilePoint NX, you can amalgamate all customer data residing in disparate systems on the same form and enable the form to be surfaced within any of your line-of-business systems. With this approach, different departments get a complete customer view, enabling them to provide better customer service and experience.

  • Fraud Detection

    AgilePoint NX enables you to build sophisticated fraud detection into your loan-origination systems by attaching validation rules to input fields and compartmentalizing access by shielding various groups within your organization from data and documents at various stages of the lending process.

  • Speed Up Loan Processing

    With commercial loans, applications tend to be reviewed by committees, which process can take days or weeks. Despite careful review, it’s still possible to make bad loans. With AgilePoint NX, you can build validation rules into a loan-application workflow, in fact, automating enforcement of the bank’s own lending guidelines. You could even color code applications for the committee, so that at a glance, those responsible can immediately tell the relative quality of the application. With this approach, loans could get approved in hours or minutes, rather than days of weeks, and fewer bad loans would be made.