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Purchasing Solutions

AgilePoint NX can simplify life for purchasing-department staff members by allowing them to define their own best practices and work patterns and then build them into automated workflows that track spend, speed approvals, monitor budgets, dramatically lower risk, and generally enable better decision making.

Here are just a few of the many purchasing-related use cases possible with AgilePoint NX.

  • E-Commerce Solutions

    With AgilePoint NX you can automate the collateral processes triggered by the online sale of products, and services, such as status changes, fulfillment requirements, inventory updates, and new inventory purchasing. Your custom apps can notify finance and marketing, and keep customers updated on order status.

  • Spend Management

    AgilePoint NX allows you to amalgamate data from disparate systems across your enterprise on forms that are surfaced in any line-of-business system or on dashboards embedded in almost any system, whether on-premises or cloud-based. The result is that management has a 360° view of spend on a department-by-department basis. Other AgilePoint apps can govern spend at every level of the organization, insuring that unauthorized expenditures never occur.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    Day-by-day, hour-by-hour, account Reps are closing business and recording it in your CRM. With AgilePoint NX, you can create trigger apps that provide real-time updates throughout your enterprise of sales activities, including in your ERP system. Continuous updates enable your ERP system to make much more accurate forecasts of future needs.

  • Inventory management

    Your inventory management system tracks what you’ve got and where it’s located, but it may not let you track sales and help you predict future inventory needs. With AgilePoint NX, you can create real-time data dashboards and embed them in your inventory management system as well as systems used by your purchasing department, giving everyone a real-time view of what’s being sold, how much of any one product or material is available, and how much will be needed in the future.