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IT Use Cases

In many companies, IT departments are facing an avalanche of new development requests. And, in most, companies, IT can’t come close to getting everyone what they need when they need it. AgilePoint NX allows IT to build new software assets up to ten times faster than the can by hand coding. And AgilePoint NX application models are easy to understand and easy to maintain.

  • Governed Citizen Development

    With AgilePoint NX, you can automate the collateral processes triggered by the online sale of products and
    services, including status changes, fulfillment requirements, inventory updates, and new inventory purchasing.
    Your custom apps can notify finance and marketing and keep customers updated on order status.

  • Rapid Mobile App Development

    AgilePoint NX allows you to quickly build enterprise-class applications that will run seamlessly on mobile devices.
    AgilePoint’s eforms designer lets you create forms utilizing 60+ control types (including Telerik controls). And any
    form can be customized for use on any given device running in portrait or landscape mode.

  • Ecosystem Creation

    Digital transformation involves building the infrastructure necessary to enable disparate departments, supply
    chains, manufacturers, channel partners, systems, and applications to function together as a single digital ecosystem.
    This level of development requires a rapid-application-development platform that will allow IT to interlace
    line-of-business systems with custom workflows and business apps, creating cause-and-effect ripples throughout
    an enterprise, all firing simultaneously and running in parallel. AgilePoint NX is the leader for this type
    of digital transformation.