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Human Resources

In most enterprises, HR is ripe for digital transformation. HR includes a range of processes requiring
stage approvals at multiple levels and across departments and systems. Building HR apps and workflows
with AgilePoint NX will improve efficiency, decrease human error, and enforce best practices.

Following are just a few of the many types of HR apps that can be built with AgilePoint NX.

  • Performance Reviews

    With AgilePoint NX, you can automate performance reviews, reducing subjective and inconsistent evaluations and enabling
    managers and employees to set and track performance objectives. Employees feel like they’re accomplishments
    are recognized, and managers feel like reviews result in improved performance and a more motivated team.

  • Employee On-boarding & Off-boarding

    With AgilePoint NX, you can automate the entire employee on-boarding/off-boarding processes. For example,
    a hiring event could trigger cascading events throughout the enterprise, from email and Chatter accounts being
    created to HR being notified and payroll accounts being updated. Likewise, a departure event could trigger a
    similar set of cascading events.

  • Payroll Processing

    With AgilePoint NX, you can entirely automate payroll processing, ensuring accurate, timely disbursements
    based on real-time updates of clock-in/clock-out times. Payroll can be tightly integrated with other HR workflows.

  • Hiring Process

    With AgilePoint NX, you can automate the entire hiring process, from application submittals and sorting to routing
    promising looking resumes to relevant managers for stage approval. You can even spin up a Chatter or Yammer account
    for each open position, enabling team members to discuss each candidate in a secure, social environment.