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AgilePoint NX Training

AgilePoint is committed to providing customer-focused services that promote the rapid adoption of the AgilePoint NX platform and quick return on investment. Training is one of the key services required to help achieve this objective. At AgilePoint, we realize that not everyone learns the same way. We also realize that many prospects, customers, and partners are constrained by their work schedules. For these reasons we provide several training options.

AgilePoint Online University

AgilePoint Online University provides self-paced video training. This will assist prospects as they evaluate the AgileP,oint NX platform using an AgilePoint NX trial tenant. This training provides a combination of instruction and demonstration to complete training exercises. These demonstrate simple business scenarios using a variety of technologies.

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AgilePoint NX Training

Introduction to AgilePoint NX (Online Training)

“Introduction to AgilePoint NX” is an online training course providing a hybrid learning opportunity with a flexible schedule. This course combines instructor led training sessions with self-paced labs which are completed by participants between online training sessions. This course consists of five sessions delivered on alternate days over a two-week period. Each session is scheduled for four hours.

Fundamentals Training for AgilePoint NX (On-site Training)

“Fundamentals Training for AgilePoint NX” is an on-site, instructor-led training course. This course helps participants develop the core skills they need to design, configure, test, and deploy business applications. This is carried out on the AgilePoint NX low-code platform in their own environment. This course consists of four and a half days of instructor led exercises and presentations.


Mentoring is an extension of AgilePoint NX training courses and workshops. Mentoring is carried out by our senior consultants. They provide targeted instruction on a broad range of topics that are not covered in our standard training courses. Customers and partners often use mentoring at the start of a project when developing style sheets, custom scripts, and integrations with external data and systems.

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