Talent Management: How to attract and retain your best hires (Anglais)

Talent Management:
How to attract and retain your best hires using Digital Processes

Staying attractive to top talent?
Beating off the competition?
Battling with a low employee retention rate?

These are just some of the talent management headaches that may be keeping you up at night if you’re working in HR.

The need to attract, develop and retain individuals who are valuable to your organization is critical to both your own professional success and your companies success. However, certain pressures, some of which are out of your control, may make it hard for you to do this, resulting in the inability to recruit and retain good talent.

For instance, you may have done your research to design and develop effective digital HR approaches but you can’t get the resource you need to implement your ideas, or you’re struggling to get buy in from the rest of the business, including IT and as a result you can’t get the investment you need. Without investment you’re not able to reach a “top company-to-work-for” status, resulting in poor reputation which, can be difficult to rectify.

Additionally, the processes and systems you use are complex and it can be difficult to manage these in an efficient way. You find your team are spending a lot of their time undertaking manual admin tasks which slows the process down, impacting on the employee experience.

As a result, your team continues to battle with the pressures of talent management, while skilled, digitally savvy employees continue to raise the bar when it comes to setting their expectations around recruiting, onboarding, performance management, rewards and development and the overall experience they anticipate during their employment with your company.

So, how can you ensure you develop effective HR strategic approaches with a digital focus (and get buy in from the rest of the business) so you fulfil expectations, drive employee retention and manage talent development in a way that benefits both employees and your business?

Read more on how to streamline several HR processes and  how incorporating technology into your strategy can reduce friction points, all with the goal of optimising your employees experience so they never want to leave!


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