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Webinar: One App. Any SharePoint. LP

One App.
Any SharePoint.


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Workflows created with SharePoint Designer or third-party extensions are designed to run on a single version of SharePoint and generally need to be refactored to run on newer versions of SharePoint. It’s this reality that creates “version lock”—you’re stuck with your current version of SharePoint because of the effort and expense required to update workflows to run on a newer version.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to

  • transform existing workflows into apps that will run on any version of SharePoint.
  • create a stable gateway for upgrading all your SharePoint farms simultaneously.
  • build future-proof workflows that won’t need to be refactored with each new Microsoft upgrade.
  • build SharePoint workflows that will seamlessly interact with all your other Microsoft and non-Microsoft systems.


You’ll also get to see AgilePoint NX, the leading low-code platform for Microsoft-centric workflow development, put through its paces.

This webinar promises to be thought provoking and may change your view of how future, custom software development should be done.

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