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You may have some great HR automation initiatives to improve process efficiencies but if you’re struggling to get buy in from the corporate digital strategy team who’s priorities lie with other transformation objectives, this can very quickly put a brake on your own efforts to drive innovation.

If this is your current situation, a thorough business case which realises return on investment will be fundamental to getting the backing and investment you need to execute your HR innovation work.

Luckily, we understand the importance of recognising ROI and have created a savings calculator, designed in our very own AgilePoint platform, to help you make informed choices about your digital automation initiatives for the recruitment and onboarding processes.

Calculate the ROI associated with automating parts of your recruitment process

See what one of your HR processes could look like once automated.

Need to get buy in for your HR automation plans? Get a free proof of concept app and wow your stakeholders. Cancel anytime.

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