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What’s needed is a way to impose order, to convert InfoPath forms and indigenous workflows to future proof software assets that will run on any version of SharePoint, including Office 365. That way all your SharePoint farms can be upgraded to the latest version, when and if you want. Or, you can migrate directly to Office 365. Order is easy with AgilePoint NX.


With AgilePoint NX, a single app can be configured multiple different ways, accommodating the specific needs of disparate groups or individuals. What’s more, the same app can run indigenously in any version SharePoint, any of your other Microsoft products, Salesforce®, and all of your other on premises apps or cloud services. And all variants of an app can run in parallel. This single app approach minimizes development time and effort. More importantly, it dramatically simplifies application portfolio management.


AgilePoint NX can be extended on the front or backend using industry standard technologies. And NX has power and flexibility to build any app or line-of-business system; automate any process, no matter how complex or expansive it might be; or design any form or set of forms, regardless of how many different types of controls are called for or how much embedded business logic is required.

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Stop dreaming, start building your business application.  Try AgilePoint NX today. Forrester Research named AgilePoint NX one of the top five low-code application as a service platforms across all segments.  Find out why with a FREE 30-day trial.


AgilePoint NX has an award-winning user interface, making it easy to learn and use. NX solves your SharePoint problems once and for all, allowing you to build forms and workflows that incorporate all of your Microsoft products and extend to all of your other on-premises applications, systems, and cloud services.

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