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Build Great Frontends

Build Great Frontends

Agilepoint NX is the low-code platform of choice for customer-obsessed enterprises.


It’s all about user experience.

Develop engaging application interfaces in a fraction of the
time without compromise. Agilepoint NX provides a best-in-
class list of features and assets, enabling you to deliver any
user experience you want.

So whether you’re automating processes that will drive back-
office efficiency or building customer-facing apps that have to
be pixel perfect and flat-out butter smooth to use, Agilepoint NX
will empower you to do it incredibly fast.

Drag, drop, and configure your way to powerful forms.

Agilepoint NX includes more than sixty control types (including Telerik controls), and allows you to configure
them easily. You can embed business logic and rules for validating data input, including or
excluding controls, or displaying repeating controls for gathering information about items in lists. And you
can create device-specific visualizations in both portrait and landscape formats for any form.


Embed forms in any other system or application.

Because Agilepoint NX forms are built using standard client-side
technologies, they can be embedded in other applications that
are also based on HTML5/JavaScript.


Extend forms with HTML5 and JavaScript.

Agilepoint NX forms can be extended with HTML5 and
JavaScript, so, for rare instances when Agilepoint NX doesn’t
have everything you need out of the box, you can extend
your forms capability however you like using standard


Amalgamate data from different sources.

Agilepoint NX allows you to amalgamate data from multiple sources on the same form.