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AgileXRM: BPM for Dynamics 365


AgileXRM is an integration with and embedding of Agilepoint NX into Dynamics 365.
AgileXRM allows users of Dynamics 365 to create powerful process-centric applications
within Dynamics 365 that extend beyond out-of-the-box functionality to cater for
more business requirements in an easier more manageable way.

With AgileXRM you can:

  • Visually model end-to-end business processes using AgilePoint Envision
  • Visually monitor the execution of business processes in the organization
  • Extend business processes beyond Dynamics 365 for easy integration with other systems
  • Involve non-Dynamics 365 users, inside or outside the organization, to participate in business processes
  • Measure and improve efficiency by controlling the performance of business processes
  • Adapt to change with agility enabling business Users to respond to changing requirements

Break the barrier to bring true BPM Funct-
ionality to Dynamics 365 with AgileXRM

AgileXRM allows companies to build line-of-business
applications rapidly within Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Dynamics 365’s out-of-the-box functionality provides
reasonable workflow and forms capabilities, enabling
certain process automation. But managing real-world
business processes with this limited functionality
is impractical.AgileXRM brings true BPM functionality
to the Dynamics 365 platform.

Process Designer

  • Create Processes visually in AgilePoint Envision
  • Model complete end-to-end Business Processes without code
  • Easily interact with all users including non-Dynamics 365 users
  • Instantly invoke external systems, applications, modules and data
  • Extend the Process Modeler with reusable custom steps using .NET

Process Manager

  • Simplify exception management
  • Run multiple process versions simultaneously with full version control
  • Execute powerful runtime management functions, such as skips/ rollbacks/merges and mid-execution updates to new versions of a process app.• Extend the Process Modeler with reusable custom steps using .NET

Web-Based Dynamic Dialogs

  • Dynamic Dialogs are web-based and configurable by the user.
  • Create and deploy with no compilation.
  • Dialogs get contextual data in and out different systems; combine
    and integrate seamlessly with Dynamics 365.
  • Every Dialog is part of a visual Process with full track history and

Monitoring and Reporting

  • Real-time Graphical Business Process Monitoring
  • Dynamically filter reports based on context data.
  • Surface KPI on top of the Process Model
  • Generate On-Demand Service Level Agreement (SLA) KPI