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Deployment Options

On-premise, or in the (multi) cloud? Deploy AgilePoint NX where you want, how you want. 

You can host AgilePoint NX on your own on-premises server or you can host Agilepoint NX in your own private cloud,

With AgilePoint NX’s unique architecture, you can embed and surface applications within virtually any web application or cloud service. In other words, AgilePoint NX lets you “build once and re-use virtually anywhere.”

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Stormproofing Digital Transformation

The simultaneous convergence of several disruptive technologies has resulted in a digital storm  causing organisational chaos. With legacy modernisation, cloud-service adoption, and the deluge of new technologies that must be accounted for all hitting at once, how do you effectively transform while the storm is constantly re-arranging the IT topography? Read the full story now

AgilePoint Integrations.

Why write code?
Accelerate your application development with our massive collection of prebuilt connectors.

AgilePoint NX is a flexible connector platform and integrates with any cloud based or on-premise 3rd party system, such as Salesforce, SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics CRM, NetSuite, etc.

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Turning Application Development upside down

It’s all about choosing the right Low-Code development platform.

Software is now an essential driver of business and competitive value and that, therefore, an organization’s software development capability is now a strategic asset. Download the white paper and discover why choosing the right Low-Code development platform plays a key role to create the Software-Driven Enterprise.

Manage usage.

Managing Applications,
Process Instances and Usage.

For a low-code platform to qualify as enterprise-class, it needs to include comprehensive management functionality. From a single integrated cloud portal, AgilePoint NX enables you to build, manage, monitor, measure and refine processes. Likewise, it allows you granular control over rights and privileges, extending out to the tenant level.

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Getting Started with AgilePoint:
What is AgilePoint NX?

Join our next webinar and discover how AgilePoint NX provides a Future-Proof, nimble approach to software development – that empowers citizen and professional developers alike to build and continuously improve new apps, and modernize legacy applications faster than ever before, and at a price point most any enterprise can afford.

AgilePoint for SharePoint.

AgilePoint NX App in the Office 365 store.

Embed AgilePoint NX’s Work Center in your own Office 365 instance. The AgilePoint NX App for Office 365 allows you to embed AgilePoint NX’s work center in your own instance of Office 365/SharePoint Online. The App is free but requires access to AgilePoint NX, either via a free trial version or a fully functional version available through subscription.

AgilePoint for Salesforce

Salesforce extended to the enterprise with intelligent Digital Process Automation.

See how our digital process automation solutions are helping Salesforce customers large or small to extend the modernization of their customer experience.


AgileXRM: BPM for Dynamics 365
Break the barrier to bring true BPM functionality to Dynamics 365 with AgileXRM

AgileXRM is an integration with and embedding of AgilePoint NX into Dynamics 365. AgileXRM allows users of Dynamics 365 to create powerful process centric applications within Dynamics 365 that extend beyond out-of-the-box functionality to cater for more business requirements in an easier more manageable way.

Start building your apps, today!

If you’re interested in learning more about using digital process automation then request your demo now or try AgilePoint NX today. Find out why Forrester Research named AgilePoint NX one of the top five low-code application-as-a-service platforms across all segments with a FREE 30-day trial.

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