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Highlights of NX 7.0 Software Update 1

More than 200+ new features, fixes and enhancements added.

eForm for SharePoint & Office365

Have you given up on finding a feature-rich replacement for InfoPath that paves the way to the cloud? For many, the wait for a viable alternative has seemed interminable. Well, AgilePoint just released a Future-Proof Form solution for SharePoint and Office 365 that will blow your mind. Here’s a quick look at the transformative new capabilities:

Easily replace InfoPath and native SharePoint forms with the industry’s most powerful, cloud-ready, eforms solution

Create SharePoint forms with powerful data mashups using data from any system

Link multiple lists for dynamic Master-Detail forms that leverage the business logic that runs your enterprise

Amazon Machine Learning

Delivering a highly-personalized Customer Experience is a high priority for many organizations. AgilePoint NX’s dedicated integration with Amazon Machine Learning (ML) enables customer experiences that actually become more personal over time.

Optimize process execution via input from Amazon ML, which interactively chooses the next best step for each customer on each journey

Empower your employees to make better decisions, faster, by augmenting their domain experience with Machine Learning

Continuously improve process apps with up-to-the-minute data insights from across the enterprise

SharePoint Form-Based Apps are here!

Finally a Future-Proof InfoPath replacement that paves the way to the cloud, and enables powerful data mashups from any system!

Adobe Sign in AgilePoint Apps

AgilePoint NX, which has long supported DocuSign and Sertifi, now supports Adobe Sign.

Drag and drop Adobe eSignature blocks into your AgilePoint forms, enabling one-click eSignatures

Extend AgilePoint’s powerful Low-Code application-composition capabilities to the Adobe Document Cloud

Harness the Synergy of RPA and Low Code

Robotic Process Automation is one of the hottest technologies going, enabling citizen development of software bots that perform repetitive tasks across legacy systems and cloud apps without API-level integration. Combining nimble process robots with enterprise-grade low code yields incredible transformative power. That’s why AgilePoint, the leader in enterprise-grade low code, has entered a strategic partnership with UiPath, a leading RPA provider. Together, these technologies

Offer enhanced scalability and control for your Robot deployment

Deliver durable, end-to-end automation across any platform—including difficult-to-work-with legacy systems

Leverage the respective strengths for each type of automation, yielding a true technology synergy

Accessibility - Section 508 & WCAG Compliance

Eliminating barriers to wide-spread adoption of disruptive technologies can drive bottom-line growth. In some cases, eliminating barriers is a matter of training, and in others, it’s about overcoming various physical limitations of your employees. AgilePoint is proud to announce that AgilePoint NX v7.0 Software Update 1 is Section 508 compliance.

Address and overcome common physical disabilities—such as hearing and vision impairment

Comply with disability standards (Section 508, and WCAG 2.1 at the A/AA/AAA level)

Create inclusive, compelling business applications that empower your entire workforce to be more productive, and deliver an outstanding customer and employee experience

Please refer to AgilePoint Product Release Note for full details on changes delivered in AgilePoint NX V7 Software Update 1.

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