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Imagine it and build it with AgilePoint NX

AgilePoint NX is a future-proof, Digital Transformation aPaaS (Application Platform as a Service) that combines the speed and agility of a leading Low-Code platform with enterprise-class BPM capabilities. AgilePoint NX empowers citizen developers to build any kind of app, from simple to complex, without writing code. We consider ourselves the world’s first truly future proof digital transformation platform. Our “build once and re-use many times” feature defines a new concept in application development. As an organization’s business needs to evolve during its digital transformation journey, the same critical business applications can adaptively evolve at the same pace.

Ignite the digital transformation

Truly accelerate the digital transformation in your organization. The NX platform allows you to rapidly build, test and implement innovative applications. Start making your business future-proof, start building with AgilePoint NX.

Low-to-No-Code Platform

Our platform comes with drag-and-drop tools for extremely rapid application development, without coding. Providing a WYSIWYG editor for developers and citizen developers, to quickly design customized workflows and functionalities

Speed = Competitive advantage

The best way to test your ideas is to get them to market as quick as possible. With AgilePoint NX, you build complex apps faster than ever before therefore you drastically shorten your time to market.

Build mobile apps

Conquer the mobile market! Ready to build your future-proof responsive mobile app? Our NX platform is multi-device ready with a fully customizable front end, specifically for mobile devices.

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Start your free trial today

Stop dreaming, start building your business application… Try AgilePoint NX today. Find out why Forrester Research named AgilePoint NX one of the top five low-code application-as-a-service platforms across all segments with a FREE 30-day trial.

Enabling Sustainable Digital Transformation

In AgilePoint NX 7.0, the combination of data entities and form-based applications takes innovation to a new level. Hundreds to thousands of customer-facing apps, data-driven apps, and process-driven apps can be easily created and maintained at scale. Digital Transformation becomes an attainable and sustainable state.

Built for digital transformation

AgilePoint NX accelerates digital transformation by empowering both professional and citizen developers to rapidly create and easily maintain thousands of responsive, form-based, data-driven apps, and automated processes for front-office and back-office operations.

Build once, use Anywhere

With AgilePoint NX’s unique architecture, organizations can embed and surface AgilePoint NX applications within virtually any web application or cloud service. In other words, AgilePoint NX lets you “build once and re-use virtually anywhere.”

Extensible low-code architecture

To win the digital transformation race, an organization must not be constrained its development platform. AgilePoint NX can be extended to incorporate an organization’s unique competence and domain expertise. Professional developers can create custom functions and APIs to extend drag-and-drop actions in AgilePoint NX.

Model-driven design & execution

AgilePoint NX utilizes a true, model-driven architecture, meaning that the “App” you are building is an XML model can be directly interpreted and executed by AgilePoint’s model-driven engine. This approach bypasses the code-generation-and-compilation process and enables your apps to keep working despite cloud-service updates and swap outs.

Drag & drop philosophy

AgilePoint NX utilizes a visual drag-drop-and-configure approach to assembling apps from 600+ pre-built components, and integrations with 50+ systems and cloud platforms. AgilePoint NX includes one of the most powerful e-form builders in the industry, having more than 65 form controls; a process-modelling environment; a business-rule builder; and a data-entity designer.

Enterprise-class “embeddable” low-code

A digital enterprise must be able to create and maintain thousands of form-based, data-driven apps as well as automated processes that span the enterprise. An advanced metadata-based, model-driven architecture makes it possible to embed AgilePoint NX in a wide range of the most popular systems in use in today’s enterprise, such as Salesforce, SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics CRM, NetSuite, etc...

AgilePoint NX: Re-imagine your enterprise

Digital transformation is about envisioning everything that your business could be and should be, then having a single platform that empowers you to bring your vision to life! AgilePoint NX enables non-developers from across your organization to build virtually any type of app or system; process apps, form-based apps, native mobile apps, LOB apps etc. Speed is, of course, key. The idea to prototype in a day must be a realistic mantra. AgilePoint NX can make it happen.

Powerfull form builder

AgilePoint NX has one of the most powerful HTML 5 based form builders in the industry. It features more than 65 control types, including support for third party controls from Telerik. Key capabilities include an inbuilt rule builder, sub forms, powerful lookups, cascading lookups, a formula builder, auto suggestions, a rich text editor, multilingual support and much more.

Deployment options

AgilePoint NX supports flexible deployment options. AgilePoint NX is available in a Public Cloud or can be deployed in a private cloud or in an on-premises environment. AgilePoint NX also supports hybrid deployment, a capability resulting from its ability to manage the presentation layer, the business-logic layer, and the data layer separately.

Hyper-agile process execution

AgilePoint NX utilizes a state of the art, event driven, stateless process engine. This engine in combination with a model driven execution architecture, makes AgilePoint NX capable of yielding hyper agile eforms and applications that can support the highest degree of dynamic process execution at runtime.

Governance & security

AgilePoint NX comes with powerful administration and security management functions for the platform. Administration functions include runtime management, user/group/role-based permission management, access-token management, health monitoring, etc. Security support includes product-level security and governance, infrastructure-level security, and testing and compliance.


Why write code? Accelerate your application development with our massive collection of prebuilt connectors. Featured Integrations for the next generation of technologies; IoT, AI, and business applications.

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