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Senior System Analyst

Analyze user requirements, procedures, and problems to automate or improve various Business Process Management (BPM) projects.

  • Analyze the high level technical requirements and classify them as functional and non – functional requirements.
  • Convert the functional requirement into user stories and define clear entry and exit criteria by using techniques like MoSCoW to prioritize the requirements.
  • Perform structured analysis on the user stories and arrive at technical feasibility of the user stories in different product stack in AgilePoint BPM ecosystem.
  • Document the key assumptions for considerations to enable estimation of timelines.
  • Create Prototypes on AgilePoint NX platform to confirm and refine the complex requirements.
  • Determine high level effort estimates to user stories using techniques like function points to check the feasibility against the cost and the timelines.
  • Map the project goals to the defined functions recommending improvements to the system using AgilePoint BPM product stack.

Test and maintain existing software programs written in high level computer languages, such as C#, ASP.Net, SQL Server and SharePoint

  • Coordinate with development team and provide guidelines to build the solution.
  • Conduct BPM product design evaluation and set up guidelines such as coding convention for C#, ASP.Net, SQL Server, and SharePoint.
  • Implement Source code controls and DEVOPS strategies to allow the developers works from multiple sandboxes to be merged their codes on completion.
  • Create test plan and setup environments for System integration testing and user acceptance testing.
  • Build statistical models using linear or logistic regression, clustering.
  • Provide regular individual ad-hoc support to understand and make changes to the AgilePoint BPM product.

Test, maintain, and monitor connectors that provide functionality to interface with 3rd party systems like SharePoint and Exchange Server.

  • Work with the development team to create interfaces with 3rd party systems like SharePoint and Exchange Server which are key components of a BPM project.
  • Perform integration testing for the connectors to test the reliability of data being exchanged between AgilePoint BPM platform and the 3rd party systems.
  • Create detailed unit test cases to test the integration with 3rd party systems during each product release of AgilePoint to make sure they continue to work the same way before and after the release.
  • Provide AgilePoint BPM customers individual ad-hoc support to understand and make changes to the connectors to help the AgilePoint BPM product to keep up with the pace of the market.

Participate and contribute in engineering team discussions, performance testing.

  • Coordinate with development team and provide guidelines to build the solution.
  • Collaborate closely with both stakeholders and developers to reduce risk through tightening the feedback cycle and by improving communication via closer collaboration.
  • Work with Engineering and Customer Support to assist with the troubleshooting of defects reported by customers or found during in-house release testing.
  • Help perform the load testing on various AgilePoint BPM components and connectors using load testing tools like Load Runner and Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to make sure that all new product releases meet minimum performance benchmarks and there are no significant deterioration noticed in timing of the AgilePoint BPM components and connectors.

Documentation of integration pattern between external systems and AgilePoint BPM Platform

  • Perform Object oriented analysis to develop conceptual model of the system on the AgilePoint BPM platform.
  • Create entity relationship diagram with full data dictionary using schema builder in AgilePoint BPM Platform.
  • Design key functions and operations in detail, including screen layouts, business rules, process diagrams, pseudo- code on AgilePoint BPM Platform.
  • Leverage artifacts like UML class diagram, interaction diagrams, user interface mockup to build technical design document for developers to develop and deliver the system with minimal additional input design.
  • Identify all external system that need to be synchronized with AgilePoint BPM Platform and document the events and data set needed to be transmitted / to be received.
  • Evaluate the authentication mechanism like Oauth2 / Secure tokens that will be needed for AgilePoint BPM Portal to integrate with the external systems.
  • Evaluate the best integration approach and evaluate the usage of SOAP VS REST API to integrate with the system.
  • Understand the key vision and objective of the implementation by working with the project sponsor and other key stake holders.
  • Identify the key metrics impacted by the issues in the old system and document the end results expected from the new system to be built on AgilePoint BPM platform.
  • Document key activities of the end user and translate to enhance the existing process through user interviews.
  • Identify and document the pros and cons of the current system in place.
  • Collect data sample from the existing system to analyze and document the process to migrate to AgilePoint BPM platform.

Assist with installation of Business Process Management (BPM) software and systems.

  • AgilePoint BPM platform needs knowledge of its platform to perform installation and setup the BPM software hence the candidate will assist during installation of the platform.
  • Setup necessary testing environment access and migrate the applications and setup initial data.
  • Plan deployment and Rollback mechanism using different tools available in AgilePoint BPM platform.
  • Deploy and migrate data to production using BPM tools like deployment wizard, import/export utilities etc.
  • Understand the upgrades applied in the AgilePoint BPM ecosystem and present to key stakeholders on a regular basis.
  • Provide recommendations based on the new functionality introduced per release that can improve the current implementation and can accelerate the ongoing development.
  • Provide support to the existing implementation and drive change management to enable users adopt the system.

Minimum Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree or foreign academic equivalent in computer science, computer engineering, information technology, or a closely related field and 4 years of related work experience required.

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Job ID# SSA-01