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The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things can be thought of as global, data-driven, digital nervous system
that ebbs and flows and changes constantly.

The Great Software Chasm

Slowing IoT adoption is the sheer quantity and type of software that’s required to
handle the rigors of IoT computing. Hand coding apps takes far too long and
yields apps with baked-in features and functionality—rigid solutions that aren’t
well suited for a constantly changing environment.

Low-Code Platforms Get Us Part Way There

Low-code development platforms dramatically speed up the development process.
But many such platforms work on code-generation technology, which converts application
models into low-level code. This code must then be compiled, linked, and executed
in order to run. Once a model is converted into code, it’s no different than a
baked-hard, hand-coded app.

AgilePoint NX—the Responsive Low-Code Platform

AgilePoint NX is the IoT answer. Its responsive architecture enables uber fast development
of new apps that have self adaption woven into their DNA.

True Model-Driven Architecture

AgilePoint NX incorporates a true, model-driven architecture. With this approach,
each component of a visual model constitutes metadata (stored in an XML registry)
that defines how an underlying chunk of code will work.

AgilePoint NX—the Responsive Low-Code Platform

AgilePoint NX’s process engine runs on XML, rather than compiled code. Conse-
quently, AgilePoint NX apps, which are stored in XML registries, can be modified at
run-time based on Things transmitting data to processing hubs, which process yields results
that can be fed directly into an app. This never-ending stream of fresh data contin-
ually modifies the app model, which in turn causes the underlying code to change.

Continuously Variable Applications

The result of AgilePoint’s unique architecture is continuously variable applications.
Unlike baked apps, which have to be unloaded from memory, modified, reloaded
and synchronized with any number of sub-routines every time something changes,
AgilePoint NX apps adapt to changes on the fly, making them inherently well suit-
ed for the IoT.