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Interlace any 3rd party systems, applications or devices with the AgilePoint NX platform.

What software do you rely on?

SAP or Oracle? NetSuite and Salesforce®? SharePoint and Dynamics CRM?
How about Yammer or Chatterbox or OneDrive, DocuSign or Sertifi? AgilePoint NX has the largest library of connectors and adaptors in the industry, enabling you to integrate out of the box with most of your major software systems and applications. You can also extend AgilePoint NX to integrate with any system that exposes an API.

What environments must you traverse?

Few if any organizations have made a full transition to the cloud.  You almost certainly must get on premise systems and even legacy custom applications to work with cloud native services, exposing data and content to people on a global scale.  Simple functionality is just the beginning.  Orchestrating compelling user experiences is the real goal, that is where AgilePoint NX comes in.

What devices must you support?

Mobility is a given these days. It is one thing to build simple mobile apps and another thing entirely to build enterprise class business applications that power global operations and also run seamlessly on mobile devices. AgilePoint NX comes standard with enterprise BPMS capability, providing a deep stack of process monitoring and diagnostic tools.  AgilePoint NX also has the most powerful eforms toolset in the industry. This allows you to build dynamic forms of any complexity having more than 60 control types that can be stylized for desktop, tablet and hand-held usage in both portrait and landscape.

What platform(s) do you use?

It is not uncommon these days to find organizations that rely primarily on a J2EE stack, a Microsoft stack or a combination of the two. AgilePoint NX allows you to build workflows and apps that span Microsoft and Java-based technologies.

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Stop dreaming, start building your business application.  Try AgilePoint NX today.  Find out why Forrester Research named AgilePoint NX one of the top five low-code application-as-a-service platforms across all segments with a FREE 30-day trial.

Why write code?

Accelerate your application development with our massive collection of prebuilt connectors. Today’s enterprises have more people in more places relying on more technologies than ever before. Getting everyone and everything to work together efficiently is an enormous challenge. AgilePoint NX, a leading low-code platform for digital transformation, allows you to create seamless interactions between systems and people that are driven by data and content.

A digital ecosystem with Salesforce

Digital transformation and customer experience improvement are critical for competitive advantage. So, if you use Salesforce, it’s at the heart of your digital and CX innovation strategy. Many companies are finding it hard and expensive to turn Salesforce from a CRM system of record, into an enterprise-wide, integrated system that powers customer engagement and experience improvement. The reason is an increasingly complex Salesforce landscape, with customizations, add-ons and integrations.

Solving the Salesforce scalability

There is a solution to this dilemma – augmenting and extending Salesforce with a Low-code platform.

There are several reasons why AgilePoint NX should be at the top of your list:

AgilePoint NX user licenses are a fraction of the cost of Salesforce Lightning Enterprise or unlimited users. Combining a low-code platform alongside ‘just enough’ Salesforce can dramatically reduce your overall software licensing costs.

The AgilePoint NX App brings native BPMS functionality to Salesforce, so you can create dynamic interactions between Salesforce and all of your other systems, data, content and people.

Superior integration that eliminates iframes and enables event monitoring without API calls, making AgilePoint NX the safest, most resilient and cost-effective way to scale and connect Salesforce to your entire IT landscape.

Our ‘lightning ready’ AgilePoint NX App (available from the AppExchange) makes AgilePoint NX faster, more secure and more cost effective than competing technologies.

Future-proof your SharePoint workflows

Overcoming SharePoint chaos

According to AIIM’s research  only 11% of SharePoint projects are completed successfully, roughly two-thirds of SharePoint installations are somewhat stalled and 46% are not connected to other systems or repositories.

Master complexity with simplicity

AgilePoint NX solves your SharePoint problems once and for all, allowing you to build forms and workflows that incorporate all of your Microsoft products and extend to all of your other on-premises applications, systems, and cloud services. Best of all, AgilePoint NX’s award-winning user interface makes it easy to learn and use.

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Stormproofing Digital Transformation

The simultaneous convergence of several disruptive technologies has resulted in a sort of digital storm, which is causing organizational chaos. With legacy modernization, cloud-service adoption, and the deluge of new technologies that must be accounted for all hitting at once, how do you effectively transform while the storm is constantly re-arranging the IT topography? Read the full story now…

Platform Integrations

Why write code? Accelerate your application development with our massive collection of prebuilt connectors. Featured Integrations for the next generation of technologies; IoT, AI, and business applications.

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