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Highlight of AgilePoint Industry Solutions


Quickly build custom, integrated manufacturing applications and workflows that support the entire operational lifecycle.

Inefficient and manual workflows cost time, money and resources. But worst of all, they can decrease customer satisfaction. AgilePoint NX lets you transform your manufacturing enterprise into a fully integrated, finely tuned machine for making great products and great margins

Following are a few examples of what our manufacturing clients have built.

Resource Planning

Automate interactions across systems to ensure continuity. When the sales team adjusts forecasts, your ERP system is automatically updated, reallocating resources as necessary.

Manufacturing-Line Monitoring

With AgilePoint NX, build apps to monitor assembly lines and, when problems occur, automatically re-route components away from lines that are down.

Inventory Management

Build apps to track, report and even automatically reorder components and materials when quantities reach a designated threshold.

ISO Compliance

Using AgilePoint NX, build apps that manage and monitor Standards compliance across any number of specifications. From document control, review and approval to internal audits, management reviews and continuous improvement.

Defect Monitoring

AgilePoint NX allows you to decrease the number of defective products that make their way into the market via apps that perform pattern recognition, issue identification and problem notifications.


Quickly build custom, integrated applications that improve customer experience while reducing risk.

Digital transformation is sweeping the financial services sector as institutions seek improved efficiency, automated compliance and better overall customer experiences. Players in this sector, from regional credit unions up to the largest commercial banks, are using AgilePoint NX to transform isolated business units and siloed systems into harmonious, digital ecosystems.

Here are just a few examples of processes being automated with AgilePoint NX:

Account Management

Collate all customer data residing in different systems across your organization and display it together on the same form, on dashboards or directly within your line-of-business systems. With this approach, different departments get a complete and up-to-date customer view, enabling them to provide better customer service and experience.

Fraud Detection

Build sophisticated fraud detection triggers into your loan-origination systems. This is done by attaching validation rules to input fields and building segregation of duties and access rights directly within the lending process app.

Loan Processing

Speed up the evaluation process by building validation rules into a loan-application workflow. Color code applications for the decision committee, so that at a glance, those responsible can immediately tell the relative quality of the application. With this approach, loans are approved in hours or minutes, rather than days and weeks and fewer bad loans are made.

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Public sector organizations have many of the same challenges as those faced by the commercial sector. Perhaps the biggest challenge of all, though, is covering all the bases with ever shrinking budgets.

Here are few examples of where and how AgilePoint can help:

Freedom of Information and GDPR Subject Access Requests

Build apps that record the receipt of the request, start timing the process and ensure that it is routed to the department(s) holding the information. Reminders can be automated, as can escalation to management if a breach is forecasted.

GDPR compliance

Build apps to perform and manage Data Protection Impact Assessments, collate and manage personal data inventories and data flows, track high risk data processes and control data processing/sharing agreements. Keep control and have a real-time view of your GDPR compliance across the organization, complete with audit trail.

Improve Efficiency

With AgilePoint NX, you could reduce public office space by creating an app that dynamically schedules staff to work from home or from a particular office on specified days.


Replace manual, paper-based processes with digital forms and workflows that help you standardise and save time and money.

AgilePoint NX allows your healthcare organization to streamline operations, maximise efficiency, minimise risk, and reduce costs. Everything from employee on-boarding to multi-disciplinary team co-ordination to surgical processes can be enhanced via deep integrations among the systems that control these processes.

Here are a few examples of apps built with AgilePoint NX:

Medical Records Management

Build sophisticated sequences of electronic forms tailored to your own care pathways. Pre-populate these forms with information already present in existing systems, speeding up input for busy clinical staff. Attach validation rules to specific fields and enforce compliance with internal best practice and external regulations. AgilePoint forms can be embedded in any of your systems, making medical data available wherever you need it.

Policy management

AgilePoint NX enables you to overlay existing systems of record and line-of-business applications with custom workflows, which ensure accurate policy approvals and thus eliminate risk and reduce lost revenue.

Electronic forms on intranet

Integrate your AgilePoint NX apps with your SharePoint based intranet so forms are available from the intranet and instantly deployed to all staff with minimal training required.

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Stormproofing Digital Transformation

The simultaneous convergence of several disruptive technologies has resulted in a sort of digital storm, which is causing organizational chaos. With legacy modernization, cloud-service adoption, and the deluge of new technologies that must be accounted for all hitting at once, how do you effectively transform while the storm is constantly re-arranging the IT topography? Read the full story now…


Replace paper-based processes with digital forms and workflows that help you improve accuracy, optimize resources and safeguard compliance.

The hourly billing model has been under attack for years. More and more customers—especially the big ones want value billing on transactional matters and fewer hours billed on non-transactional matters. The solution to the value-billing problem is digital transformation converting every manual process into an automated workflow that spans functional departments, boundaries and systems, driving efficiency, accuracy and compliance.

Here are just a few ways AgilePoint NX can help you get there:

Practice Management

Small firms using off-the-shelf practice management systems still need workflows to tie into other systems and to streamline processes that fall outside their practice management shell. Large firms utilizing best-of breed component systems for the different aspects of practice management need a wrapper platform that enables them all to work together seamlessly. AgilePoint NX empowers you to transform your practice, no matter its size, into a cost efficient, fully compliant enterprise by integrating common legal-practice systems.

Contract Lifecycle Management

With AgilePoint NX, you overlay your CLM with additional workflows that go beyond simple notifications, cascading into other functional departments of your firm that need to take action on client matters in a timely way.

Build Your Brand on “Digitally Nimble”

The days where a law-firm’s reputation can stand as a proxy for value in any given transaction are quickly disappearing. Now firms have to repackage themselves, not on a firm resume, but on intangible assets that provide genuine differentiation. AgilePoint NX is a top-five low-code platform that enables you to transform the disparate parts of your practice into a harmonious ecosystem via applications that span departments, clients, applications, platforms and devices.

Conflict Analysis

AgilePoint allows you to build a sophisticated on-boarding system that does conflict analysis, cross-checking new clients against your current firm resume and cross-checking existing clients against prospective new legal talent.


Quickly build custom, integrated applications that increase efficiency, reduce costs and eliminate penalties.

The Oil & Gas industry is heavily regulated and it’s critical to drive efficiency while minimizing risk and enforcing compliance. AgilePoint NX allows Oil & Gas companies to interlace line-of-business systems with custom workflows and business apps, providing connectivity, integration and access across global organizations to data and content.

Here are a few examples of how AgilePoint NX can streamline operations for Oil & Gas companies:

OSHA Compliance

Build sophisticated workflows that implement best practices and enforce compliance with OSHA and other government standards. Likewise, AgilePoint dashboards can be embedded in any of your systems, providing real-time information to management, enabling them to provide extensive oversight into every facet of operations.

Field Service Management

With AgilePoint NX, you build apps that monitor service requests and schedule and dispatch crews, equipment and materials as they are needed. Field technicians provide progress updates on reported problems.

Integrated production

AgilePoint NX empowers you to build apps that monitor storage capacity, flow rates and demand and to represent all of this vital information on integrated dashboards that are surfaced in any of your line-of business systems.


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