Digital leader or digital laggard?

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Are you a Digital Leader or a Digital Laggard?

As we can all experience, the pace of digitisation is picking up rapidly: market trends, new technologies, business environments and customer demands are changing faster than ever before… In this race to digitise, there are companies which surge ahead while the others are just beginning to open their eyes to the new digital reality, often ignoring the consequences of moving slow… Where losing relevance will be the biggest of them all.

Transformation: What’s in a name?

In today’s business environment so much has been said already about ‘Digital Transformation’, ‘Digital Leadership’ ‘Digital Disruption’, and other words starting with ‘Digital’… It comes as no surprise many voices are crying out for better understanding of the term. Calling out change isn’t in fact true transformation and noise around how best to take an organisation through the often-painful process of becoming inherently digital is leaving many today with more questions than answers…

So, what does it really mean, and how should you as an organisation be embarking on digital transformation in truly impactful ways? Before we answer we need a simple definition of the buzzword:

“Digital transformation is implementing new digital tools, processes and workflows to generate opportunities for growth, optimisation and customer satisfaction.”

To be clear, it is not simply digitising existing information or digitalising current methods, but on top of that creating entirely new business models, products or services which drives future success for your organisation. Now we grasp what this term means, let’s put its meaning to use! Building impactful (business) applications is crucial to stay relevant in this changing business environment.

The Future is now

Stop dreaming, start building!

Technology has advanced to the point where nothing seems to be impossible anymore. Fair to say if you can imagine it, it can be done… Mobile, social, analytics and IoT are affecting just about everything – pricing, production, processes and people. And now knocking on our doorstep are all these new emerging technologies: AI, (Chat)Bots, Blockchain, BI, … If businesses want to succeed in the current wave of digital disruption, they have to reinvent themselves quickly and creatively.

However in our experience not the lack of dreaming or innovative ideas stand in the way of business transformation. Often business face the reality and challenges of not having the (technical) or programming knowhow when we think of ‘The Business‘ and them developing applications… Or putting even more strain on IT -legacy, -people, -resources and so on…

To bypass precisely these challenges a Low-to-No-Code or Citizen Development platform could be the answer. AgilePoint NX is such a platform that empowers your entire organisation to become intrinsically digital and drive business transformation without being restricted by technology and IT-legacy. So organisations can stop dreaming and start building impactful business applications…

AgilePoint NX: Pandora’s box for driving transformation

A Low-to-No-Code Platform is an all-in-one solution that simplifies building business applications in departments or industries which are compelled by innovation and agility and need to be able to rethink or refine their business processes at the drop of a hat. Organisations now no longer have to start from scratch or wait for IT to build, upgrade or enable digital transformation of old legacy code thanks to AgilePoint NX.
Our platform allows both the ‘technical’ as the ‘business’ users to implement and deploy business apps into digital processes across multiple environments and cloud platforms without needing to write any code. Easier than ever before.

AgilePoint NX:

We consider ourselves the world’s first truly future proof digital transformation platform. Our “build once and re-use many times” feature defines a new concept in application development. As an organisations business needs evolve during its digital transformation journey, the same critical business applications can adaptively evolve at the same pace.Our platform, that grows with our clients, helps businesses quickly and cost-effectively achieve business agility through optimised process and integration efficiency.

As a strong and trustworthy partner we help organisations and businesses that want to be more responsive to market innovation with agile business applications. And what we say is what we do: turning your idea’s into working business applications.

AgilePoint has the power to truly future-proof an organisations move towards digital transformation. Giving you the tools and the knowledge to embark on the digital challenges ahead. And becoming a true Digital Leader within your industry…


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AgilePoint offers an innovative low-to-non-code development platform for Digital Process Automation, which can easily integrate with any 3rd party systems.


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The challenge today is developing all new software in such a way that it won’t become a legacy burden, needing to be re–architect with each new innovation or change. In short, for digital transformation to be successful, all of this new software must be impervious to storm conditions; in essence, it must be Future-Proof.

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