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Who we are. What we believe. What we do.


AgilePoint was created by a team of driven people who strive to incorporate the principles of relentless innovation for the benefit of our customers. Our mission is to help enterprises of any size attain and sustain operational success through process excellence.


We believe that corporation–wide solutions that maximize return on investment should not be exclusive to large enterprises. As such, we strive to produce BPM products that deliver never before imagined price performance along with the best possible user experience, while providing enterprise-class scalability, manageability and extensibility.


Our approach redefines the boundaries of what is possible for mid-level enterprise process solutions. Our products are not only affordable, but also quickly reward our customers with continuously improved operations and measurable returns. The on-going cost of ownership of our products is unparalleled in the BPMS market.


AgilePoint, Inc (Formerly Ascentn Corporation), founded in 2003, has developed the first comprehensive BPM solution for the Microsoft platform. AgilePoint’s deep enterprise experience and its utilization of the latest Microsoft technology enable it to provide the first secure, reliable, scalable, and affordable BPMS solution on the market. AgilePoint’s solution is designed to enable business users to quickly implement and deploy cross-functional and cross-organizational business processes in the form of process-based applications, all while in an easy-to-use process-modeling environment running on their desktops using reusable business activity modules and executable functional parts built by IT. The result is the first Microsoft based BPMS to rival its J2EE counterparts in functionality, scalability, and extensibility while surpassing in usability and manageability, all at up to five times cheaper than its J2EE counterparts. AgilePoint changed its name from Ascentn to AgilePoint in 2009 to align with the name of its flagship product ‘AgilePoint.’ No management or company structure change incurred due to the name change.


AgilePoint founders are technology industry veterans in delivering value producing process-centric business solutions. AgilePoint aims to redefine the boundaries of enterprise-class BPM performance and affordability by delivering a highly effective yet extremely affordable BPMS to enable any enterprise to quickly achieve operational excellence and maximize return on investment. AgilePoint’s objective is to help any business attain the highest level of end-to-end business operations efficiency by becoming a process-managed enterprise faster, better, and cheaper. AgilePoint’s management team has more than 40 years combined prior experience building similar solutions. In fact, we are pioneers in this space. Prior to AgilePoint, AgilePoint’s team has deployed J2EE and Windows based business process solutions to many Global 2000 companies.


AgilePoint’s Responsive Application Platform helps businesses quickly and cost-effectively achieve business agility while increasing profitability through optimized process and integration efficiency. AgilePoint bridges management intent and execution by digitizing best practices, subject matter expertise, and business process models into executable and manageable procedures that can be easily built and deployed by business users using reusable and executable functional parts built by IT. This directs effective and agile business executions between people, people and systems, and between systems, while enabling the company to become a self-improving ecosystem capable of continuously optimizing business operations efficiency.

AgilePoint, Inc (Formerly Ascentn Corporation) is a privately held company.