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About Us

About Us.

Who we are. What we believe. What we do.

Our History

AgilePoint, Inc., founded in 2003, developed the first comprehensive BPM technology for the Microsoft platform. AgilePoint quickly expanded beyond Microsoft, and now provides one of the leading Low-Code application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) technologies in the market. Still a powerful solution for Microsoft-focused enterprises, AgilePoint NX now spans platforms and environments and provides one of the deepest portfolios of connectors/adaptors in the industry. In 2009, the corporate name was changed from Ascentn to AgilePoint to align with its flagship product “AgilePoint.” No change to management or company structure happened during the name change.

Our founders

AgilePoint founders are business-process industry veterans having more than 40 years combined experience in the market. They founded AgilePoint with the intent to redefine the boundaries of enterprise-class BPM performance and affordability by delivering a highly effective yet extremely affordable platform, enabling virtually any enterprise to quickly improve operational efficiency and deliver compelling user experiences.

Our Goal

We believe that corporation–wide solutions that maximize return on investment should not be exclusive to large enterprises. As such, we strive to produce Low-Code development products that deliver a never before imagined price/performance ratio along with the best possible user experience, while providing enterprise-class scalability, manageability and extensibility.

Our Approach

Our approach redefines the boundaries of what is possible for mid-level-enterprise process solutions. Our products are not only affordable but, also, quickly reward our customers with continuously improved operations and measurable returns. The on-going cost of ownership of our products is unparalleled in the Low-Code and BPMS markets.

Our Team

AgilePoint was created by a team of driven people who strive to incorporate the principles of relentless innovation for the benefit of our customers. Our mission is to help enterprises of any size attain and sustain operational success through process excellence.

Agilepoint’s NX, the Responsive Application Platform


AgilePoint NX is a process-focused, low-code application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) that allows non programmers to quickly build, deploy, and manage sophisticated forms, workflows, and enterprise-ready business applications in the cloud. AgilePoint NX is designed specifically to catalyze and facilitate digital transformation of today’s organizations, enabling anyone in an organization to assume the role of innovator. AgilePoint NX utilizes a declarative, point-and-click development environment, has one of the most powerful eform tool sets in the industry, and allows for easy representation of data in charts and graphs. Software assets developed with AgilePoint NX are responsive to devices, orientations, browsers, and changing business and technical requirements.