“With AgilePoint, we efficiently and quickly build and deploy solution building blocks to handle a large number of form-driven internal business processes

AgilePoint, an easy way to create form-driven internal business processes


CKW searched an approach to quickly, safely and controllably implement a large number of form-driven internal business processes (number> 200) with connection to internal systems. The special focus was on the efficient reuse of solution modules.

Successful cooperation

With concrete ideas CKW began the market research and the selection process for the target system. The results of the feasibility study (methodical analysis, technical analysis, workshops, proof-of-concept) conducted in detail with several manufacturers on the basis of a practical example. Final decision was for AgilePoint. In several workshops, CKW employees worked with AgilePoint experts to iteratively develop the target architecture for implementation. This resulted in an abstract approach that takes into account technical requirements and the desired life cycle of the business processes with a suitable archiving strategy. The guiding principle was the consistent reusability of solution modules (form areas, partial process sequences, …).

In the sense of service orientation in WebServices, CKW encapsulates recurring basic functionality with technically meaningful method signatures for simple reusability (implementation with Microsoft .NET WCF). Services built in this way enable usage from many applications, including AgilePoint processes. The process logic of the business processes is implemented by CKW with AgilePoint, using mostly AgilePoint standard functionality (task assignment, voting procedures, WebService calls, rules, …). For very complex, recurring solution building blocks (and not AgilePoint conceivable functionalities) developed CKW quickly and securely extensions for AgilePoint using Visual Studio project templates. The implementation of the complex forms and form modules is based on eForms and ASP. NET with deep integration into the AgilePoint framework. The developed implementation can be comfortably configured via the configuration system. The modeller has abstract intervention capabilities and, for example, from the AgilePoint process, can control the visibility of form regions for different task owners (“roles”). End users use SharePoint as a single point of entry through the AgilePoint WebParts for tasks and running processes


With AgilePoint, CKW quickly and securely implements a large number of form-driven internal business processes with connections to internal systems. The AgilePoint-based solution architecture and the technologies used, based on the comprehensive, concrete requirements, guarantee future controllability and ease of implementation.

About CKW®

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