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How low-code, pro & citizen developers team up to turbo-charge digital transformation
Discover how the Salvation Army, a large, global non-profit organization, are modernizing decades-old infrastructure and legacy apps, avoiding the legacy pattern filled with technical debt.
AgilePoint Eneco use case
Business process management tool works for Eneco
The solution from AgilePoint is a ‘what you see is what you get’ application, and that is positive. It is easy to model the processes with the business. Moreover, the call agents now have much more usable knowledge at-hand.
AgilePoint Ricoh use case
Ricoh and AgilePoint, the ideal match for Business Process Management
In order to offer our customers the custom solution, Ricoh looked for a tool that could provide a user-friendly alternative for the simple, as well as for the complex, processes!
AgilePoint CKW use case
The focus was on the efficient reuse of solution modules.
With AgilePoint, CKW, the Central Swiss Power Plant, quickly and securely implements a large number of form-driven internal business processes with connections to internal systems. AgilePoint guarantees future controllability.
AgilePoint Grenke use case
Quickly and securely implement supporting business processes.
Thanks to the clear architecture of the underlying AgilePoint framework, the GRENKE IT department internally quickly and efficiently developed its own extensions for AgilePoint to implement special requirements such as the integration of AgilePoint.
AgilePoint Exarte use case
AgilePoint proves to be the best “best of breed” solution on the market
Ex Arte has chosen AgilePoint from the very start as embedded WorkFlow solution in our DMS application because AgilePoint proves version after version to be the best “best of breed” solution on the market.
AgilePoint Quadrant use case
Automating the handling of quality within the production department
Choosing AgilePoint for the automation of processes across the Quadrant Plastics organization we can now guarantee more quality, customer engagement and a much shorter throughput time of the entire process...

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