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Business Apps

It all begins with one app.



Pretty Much Anything You Need

Sometimes it’s a mobile app for your field reps; or maybe a trigger app with event listeners throughout your organization; or possibly something simple, a carrier-pigeon app that delivers data from one system to another. Maybe it’s a full-blown, custom line-of-business system you need that incorporates functionality and data from any number of other systems, both on-prem and cloud services. Regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish, you’ll never run into a glass ceiling with AgilePoint NX.

Before you know it, software will be driving everything in your enterprise, and you’ll save, money, reduce
human error, and deliver a compelling organization-wide user experience.

Here are just a few reasons why AgilePoint NX is a leader for digital transformation:

  • a

    Blazing Fast

    Drag. Drop. Configure. Done.

  • b

    Uber Responsive

    Apps adapt to devices and changing business rules.

  • c

    Endlessly Integratable

    AgilePoint NX includes the industries largest library of connectors and adaptors.

  • d

    Extensively Extensible

    Extend apps on the front-end/back-end, or build your own connectors.

  • e

    Cross-Everything Capable

    AgilePoint NX apps can span platforms, environments, devices, and browsers.

  • f

    Exponentially Scalable

    A stateless process engine means miniscule CPU and memory requirements.