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AgilePoint NX for Business
Process Automation (BPMS)

Improve process efficiency, implement best practices, and enable
governance and oversight.

Agilepoint NX combines deep BPMS functionality with the speed
and cost benefits of a leading low-code platform.



Pricey BPMS might not meet your needs?

Seven-figure entry costs, long-term commitments, and staggeringly
long ramp-up cycles are all hallmarks of market-leading BPM
suites. Agilepoint NX gives you 80% of the features (more than most
organizations will ever use) at 20% of the price, requires minimal
upfront investment, no long-term commitment, and you can have
your first process deployed in hours.

Responsive Process Automation

Beyond traditional BPM capability, Agilepoint NX’s unique architecture
gives you apps with the ability to respond, not just to devices and
browsers, but to platforms, environments, and the specific needs of
disparate groups and individuals within your organization.

The Low-Code Advantage

In contrast to traditional BPM suites, which tend to be heavyweight,
cumbersome, and difficult-to-implement, Agilepoint NX takes a low-code
approach to process improvement. Agilepoint NX is a nimble
platform that lets you automate, test, and refine business processes
fast, speed being an essential factor to BPM success in a world where
processes evolve by the day. But Agilepoint NX also lets you quickly
build responsive business apps that deliver real business value
throughout your ecosystem. Low upfront expense and small long-term
commitment are hallmarks of Agilepoint NX.

Runtime Adaption

Agilepoint NX apps adapt at runtime to changing business conditions.
Reconfigurations are made to app components manually without
writing code. Or you can design an app so that components are
reconfigured programmatically, based on feedback from other
applications or devices.


So what is “enterprise-class,” anyway?

While Agilepoint NX clearly falls within the budgets and agendas of small organizations,
it, nonetheless, can satisfy the process automation needs of the world’s largest enterprises,
which need a cadre of additional design capabilities:



Agilepoint NX utilizes a stateless process engine, meaning AgilePoint
NX apps are not resident in memory throughout execution. Rather,
Agilepoint NX loads a single component of an app as it is needed and
then jettisons it within a few milliseconds. This design characteristic
dramatically limits the amount of system memory required. Because
Agilepoint NX’s process engine runs on XML, rather than compiled
code, Agilepoint NX keeps CPU requirements at a minimum.



Agilepoint NX supports single-code-base multi-tenancy, allowing
all tenants to have separate data storage but still access a single
platform codebase. This approach increases security and scalability
while reducing maintenance and risk.



In the event of a network outage while processes (perhaps thousands
of them) are mid-execution, Agilepoint NX’s stateless approach
eliminates the possibility of losing data.


Application Governance.

Agilepoint NX extends governance to the application level, enabling
system administrators within individual tenants to assign a range
of rights and privileges to various applications to specific team
members. Agilepoint NX utilizes access tokens for single login
to multiple applications.

BPMS as a Service

Agilepoint NX provides a rich, desktop-like user experience from within a
browser, allowing you to compose apps, design interactive forms, add reports,
connect to data sources, manage your processes in-flight, and analyze process
efficiency from the same integrated, cloud-based environment.