A CIO perspective: Define and deliver your innovation strategy

A CIO perspective: How to define and deliver your digital innovation strategy

Digital innovation will transform the way your organisation does business forever— it’s so much more than simply deploying new technologies then reaching the finish line. It’s about re-evaluating your entire business model to improve the way you deliver value to customers and employees through technology, not just today but in the future too. Ultimately, digital IS transformation. It requires constant evolution and considers the changing environments and business climates endlessly.

At the same time, driving continuous digital innovation demands significant time and resources. Prioritising and implementing digital change is one thing, empowering innovation while maintaining current service levels, is something else entirely, particularly if existing IT bottlenecks and rising infrastructure costs are limiting your ability to make capital investments to support innovation. Nevertheless, as CIO, you need to demonstrate to the board that you’re an innovation enabler, not a roadblocker so how do you define and deliver a clear digital innovation plan that will deliver on the business’ goals, despite the existing constraints?

Here we’ll discuss what the key success factors are and other key topics around digital innovation that will ensure your transformation is a triumph:

– Digital Strategy
– Digital Roadmap
– Innovation Management
– IT Service Management
– Shadow IT
– Process Automation
– Rapid Application Development


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