AgilePoint Training

Committed to Your Success

At AgilePoint, we are committed to your success. It is our goal to help you achieve self-sufficiency and wide-spread adoption of your AgilePoint BPM initiative. In order to ensure that you achieve these goals, we have developed a series of training classes that will step you through not just every phase of the BPM development and design process, but also every phase of the installation and administration process.

AgilePoint training programs are delivered as either a public training class at one of our AgilePoint facilities or as a private training class at the location of your choice. Public and private training classes can be tailored to your specific needs or audience group.

AgilePoint Fundamentals Training

• Designed specifically for business process analyst, project managers, and power users.
• Covers key components of the AgilePoint suite: out of the box activities and services, form technologies, and options for
custom development and extensibility.
• Covers usage of the complete AgilePoint suite: out of the box activities, form technologies, workflow creation, simple and complex no-code end-to-end process creation and much more.
• Covers administration aspects of the AgilePoint Server: governance, reporting, access control, process adaptation, and much more.

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