AgilePoint NX for SharePoint and Office 365 Workflow

Create powerful forms and workflows that interact with any version of SharePoint, Office 365, and other Microsoft and non-Microsoft systems.

Redefining Workflow

When people think “workflow,” they tend to envision simple business apps that run within SharePoint. With AgilePoint NX, you can create workflows that span functional teams, line-of-business systems, and data sources, the end result being increased efficiency and usability. AgilePoint NX workflows are responsive to devices, orientations, and changing business and technical conditions.

AgilePoint NX allows mid-flight management of workflow instances, including merges/splits, roll-backs/skips, and migration to new versions of a workflow without taking it offline. AgilePoint NX also includes system diagnostics to enable you to continually refine and improve workflows.

eForm Builder—a Powerful Alternative to InfoPath

With InfoPath's uncertain future, AgilePoint NX’s eForm Builder provides a powerful and future-proof alternative. eForm Builder supports more than 50 different control types and allows the construction of sophisticated forms without writing code. And eForm Builder allows you to visualize how a form will look on any type of device in both portrait and landscape. You can resize, add, or remove form elements based on the different form views.

Enterprise-Grade Workflow for SharePoint Online

AgilePoint NX is a provider-hosted platform that allows you to create enterprise-grade workflows for any version of SharePoint, including SharePoint Online. Workflows run in AgilePoint's stateless process engine—rather than in Windows Workflow Foundation/Workflow Manager—ensuring scalability, reliability, and adaptability to ever changing business requirements. Of course, AgilePoint NX workflows can be built without writing code.

Smooth Migration to the Cloud

AgilePoint NX workflows consist of HTML5 and JavaScript and can interact with on-premises and cloud applications. This design characteristic affords you the ability to migrate different platforms and applications to the cloud on your own schedule.

Interconnected Systems

AgilePoint NX allows you to create workflows that span your Microsoft products and other line-of-business systems, facilitating new, more efficient work patterns based on technologies you already own.

Forms Surfaced Anywhere

Forms built with AgilePoint NX consist of standard web-development technologies (HTML5/JavaScript), enabling them to be embedded in other applications. Consequently, you’ll be able to access your apps within any version of on-premises SharePoint, SharePoint Online, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, SAP, and your other important systems.

One Integrated Portal

All the rich capabilities of AgilePoint NX are accessible through a central portal. You can define and control rights and permissions, monitor instances of running workflows, and make changes to processes mid-execution, all from within any version of SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, and SAP.

See AgilePoint NX in Action