A Better Way to Deliver SAP Apps

Easily create dynamic systems of engagement that run outside of SAP in order to drive approval routing, compliance, notification, and other critical processes.

Extend the Power of SAP

AgilePoint NX apps can dynamically retrieve information from SAP and write information back to SAP governed by user credentials. SAP apps built with AgilePoint NX

  • run on any type of device.

  • can self adapt to changing technical and business requirements.

  • are configurable for multiple use cases.

  • can be modified at run-time.

Faster Deployment

Common SAP process can be created more easily, faster, and can have more flexibility built into them with AgilePoint NX than you can achieve with SAP internal workflows. And you can do it all without ever writing a line of code. Perhaps the best part is that AgilePoint NX application models are much easier to maintain than SAP workflows, AgilePoint NX requires little upfront expense or long-term commitment.

Brilliant User Experience

Not only are AgilePoint NX models easier and quicker to build than hand coded apps, they also provide a much improved user experience than you can get with SAP workflows. AgilePoint NX allows you to build forms of any sophistication and complexity, which can be surfaced in any application that utilizes HTML5/JavaScript. AgilePoint NX provides over 50 different control types to be used in your forms, and NX forms are responsive to devices, browsers, and environments.

Enterprise Class

AgilePoint NX includes enterprise class governance features, such as single-code-base multi-tenancy and rights management at the tenant level. Likewise, AgilePoint NX allows single logon for all systems incorporated within an app. AgilePoint NX has a range of features that enable you to monitor and measure application efficiency.

Common SAP Apps

Here are just a few of the many types of SAP apps our customers create with AgilePoint NX:

  •  Vendor Master Management
  •  Invoicing approval
  •  Document approval
  •  New Product Planning
  •  Purchasing
  •  Human Resources

See AgilePoint NX in Action