A Better Way to Deliver Individualized SaaS Apps

Build SaaS apps that can be configured multiple ways to work for departments or customers.

Build Your Own SaaS Apps

AgilePoint NX allows you to compose business apps that you can deploy in the cloud and use on a subscription basis. Or, for OEM’s and System Integrators, you can make your AgilePoint NX apps available to customers on a subscription basis.

Individualized SaaS Apps

AgilePoint NX apps have configurability built into them. Any domain expert—non programmer—can take a single application and configure it to work for groups with variant needs, or even for individuals.

SaaS Apps that Adapt

AgilePoint NX allows you to reconfigure components while apps are running. This feature enables you to respond to changing business conditions without disrupting your users.

Managing SaaS Apps

AgilePoint NX’s integrated console allows you to manage instances of apps during execution. AgilePoint NX supports, merges/splits, roll-backs/skips, and migration to new versions of an app mid execution. And you get all of this functionality without ever writing a line of code.

See AgilePoint NX in Action