Professional Services

AgilePoint offers a range of professional services.

A Balanced Approach

AgilePoint is focused on providing enabling technologies coupled with the appropriate amount of services, so that our clients become self-sufficient with the AgilePoint platform, ultimately reducing the need for outside resources and lowering total cost of ownership.

AgilePoint’s Beyond-Agile Methodology

AgilePoint’s unique Beyond-Agile project services approach is a significant departure from traditional application development. Unlike the traditional code-based approach, Beyond Agile methodology leads to a highly agile, rapid and iterative implementation development process. Our Beyond Agile approach also ensures that your pilot project is not only a success, but completed in the shortest amount of time and at minimal cost.

The visual nature of AgilePoint allows for effective participation for key stakeholders and provides an ideal framework for composing highly tailored solutions in the shortest amount of time. Whether you wish to build your own applications with AgilePoint or to customize one of your AgilePoint based solutions, our consultants offer the expertise to take you from early planning to roll out of the initial pilot project in the most efficient manner.

Turnkey Solution Development

AgilePoint Turnkey Solution Development allows you to stay ahead of the ever-increasing demand curve. AgilePoint Professional Services consultants and developers leverage the same ‘Beyond Agile’ Project Methodology to deliver turnkey solutions to our clients.


• Deliver solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional application development (even offshore)
• Deliver solutions in a fraction of the time of traditional application development
• Deliver more solutions with fewer IT staff
• Fixed-fee projects once requirements are determined
• Focus client resources on other aspects of the development initiative

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