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AgileXRM: BPM for Dynamics CRM

AgileXRM is an integration between AgilePoint iBPMS V5 and Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM. AgileXRM allows users of Dynamics CRM to create powerful workflows within Dynamics CRM that extend CRM functionality to other systems. With AgileXRM you can

• visually model end-to-end business processes using Microsoft Visio
• visually monitor the execution of business processes in the organization
• extend business processes beyond Dynamics CRM for simple integration with other systems
• involve non-CRM users, inside or outside the organization, to participate in business processes
• measure and improve efficiency by controlling the performance of business processes
• adapt to change with agility enabling business Users to respond to changing requirements

“Best Demo of Convergence 2013- Day 2″
Dynamics CRM MVP, Richard Knudson

Break the barrier to bring true BPM Functionality with AgileXRM

AgileXRM allows companies to build line-of-business applications rapidly within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Dynamics CRM’s out-of-the-box functionality provides some workflow and forms capability, enabling simple process automation. But managing real-world business processes with this limited functionality is impractical.

AgileXRM brings true BPM functionality to the Dynamics CRM platform.

Process Designer

• Create Processes visually in Microsoft Visio
• Model complete end-to-end Business Processes without code
• Easily interact with all users including non-CRM users
• Instantly invoke external systems, applications, modules and data
• Extend the Process Modeler with reusable custom steps using .NET

Process Manager

• Simplify exception management
• Run multiple process versions simultaneously with full version control
• Execute powerful runtime management functions, such as skips/rollbacks/merges and mid-execution updates to new versions of a process app.

Web-Based Dynamic Dialogs

• Dynamic Dialogs are web-based and configurable by the user.
• “Create and deploy” with no compilation.
• Dialogs get contextual data in and out different systems; combine and integrate seamlessly with Dynamics CRM.
• Every Dialog is part of a visual Process with full track history and versioning.

Monitoring and Reporting

• Real-time Graphical Business Process Monitoring
• Dynamically filter reports based on context data.
• Surface KPI on top of the Process Model
• Generate On-Demand Service Level Agreement (SLA) KPI