AgilePoint NX App in the Office 365 Store

Embed AgilePoint NX's Work Center in Your Own Office 365 Instance

AgilePoint NX App

The AgilePoint NX App for Office 365 allows you to embed AgilePoint NX’s work center in your own instance of Office 365/SharePoint Online. The App is free but requires access to AgilePoint NX, either via a free trial version or a fully functional version available through subscription.

AgilePoint Work Center

The AgilePoint Work Center allows you to use, manage, and monitor the AgilePoint NX workflows that are available to you, either through your own development efforts or from your system administrator.

Available Functionality

From within the Work Center, you can view all tasks assigned to you, which tasks are in your queue, Processes you’ve started, processes you’ve worked, and all apps available to you.

AgilePoint NX Technical Documentation

To access AgilePoint NX Technical Documentation, follow the link below.

See AgilePoint NX in Action