App Builder

A declarative, low-code, point-and-click environment for creating sophisticated, enterprise-class workflows and business apps that span disparate groups, systems, and datasets.


Fully Declarative. Fully Configurable. Low Code/No Code.

App Builder is a fully declarative, fully configurable composition environment that allows you, in many instances, to build forms and apps without wring code. But AgilePoint NX is also open and extensible, allowing you to extend your activity libraries using Microsoft’s .NET framework.

Wizard Driven

App Builder is a wizard-driven environment. From the moment you trigger an app building process, App Builder will help guide you by launching necessary sub processes, such as form or activity configuration.

Drag-and-Drop Activities

To incorporate any of App Builder’s standard activities into a workflow, all you have to do is pick the activity off a menu and drag and drop it into a process flow. App Builder then launches a configuration wizard.

Integrate Data

App Builder lets you integrate data into your apps from one or more systems of record.

AgilePoint NX Apps

AgilePoint NX apps are represented as responsive models that can be modified at runtime, without taking an app offline.

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