A Better Way to Deliver NetSuite Apps

Create powerful forms and workflows that interconnect NetSuite systems and integrate them into other on-premises and cloud native systems.

Extend the Power of NetSuite

AgilePoint NX allows you to build composite business apps that incorporate functionality from various NetSuite systems as well as other line-of-business systems and web applications.

NetSuite apps built with AgilePoint NX

  • run on any type of device.

  • can self adapt to changing technical and business requirements.

  • are configurable for multiple use cases.

  • can be modified mid-execution.

App Management

AgilePoint NX allows you to NetSuite apps, but it also allows you to test, refine, and manage apps from the same integrated portal. And the AgilePoint Work Center can be embedded in any NetSuite system, allowing departmental teams to manage apps and instances without leaving their home-base application.

App Development

AgilePoint NX’s App Builder enables app composition with a simple drag and drop interface and features dozens of prebuilt NetSuite activities. And eForm Builder allows you to quickly build anything from simple forms with just a few fields and controls to complex, multi-tabbed forms with dynamic restructuring based on user input.

Deployment Options

AgilePoint NX is an Application Platform as a Service, meaning you build NetSuite applications entirely within your favorite browser. AgilePoint NX can be deployed on premises, in a private cloud, or can be used as on on-demand service.

See AgilePoint NX in Action