Integrated Portal

All of AgilePoint NX's functionality can be accessed in a single, cloud-based portal.



Work Center

Work Center provides a dashboard of all your tasks, showing what’s in your queue, which and how many processes you’ve started, and which and how many processes you’ve worked on.


AgilePoint NX’s integrated Management console provides

  • a dashboard of custom, real-time and rollup reports;
  • the ability to manage applications during runtime;
  • the ability to manage workflows and apps;
  • the ability to control access and user rights;
  • and the ability to establish and oversee a variety of system-level controls.

Build Apps

AgilePoint’s App Builder allows you to build business apps that include interactive, rule-driven forms, workflows that interact with any number of other systems; charts, graphs, and reports; and integrated data sources. App Builder is a no-code/low code, rapid-application-development platform that runs in your browser.


AgilePoint NX allows you to incorporate sophisticated reports into your apps. Just drag and drop the chart that best represents your data set and define the data source.


The Collaborate center allows you to interact with others in the construction and use of your AgilePoint NX workflows and business apps.


In Settings, you can set up branding for your own AgilePoint NX portal.

See AgilePoint NX in Action