Guest Presenter: John R. Rymer
Forrester VP and Principal Analyst

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Salesforce has become a driving force in the industry by enabling “customers and companies [to interact] in a whole new way.” Many see this Salesforce concept as a way to modernize customer-facing processes to win and retain customers. But, achieving the necessary data and process synergies often will require interfacing with third-parties, such as independent low-code platform vendors. This webinar examines how low-code platforms can facilitate these synergies.

As a case in point, the webinar will showcase AgilePoint NX, a top-five low-code platform that offers a game-changing integration with Salesforce, enabling AgilePoint’s award-winning, low-code BPMS platform to run as native code within Salesforce. This concept is powerful—even game changing—for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • No iFrames are required to interact with Salesforce.
  • Because AgilePoint NX apps, forms, and dashboards are embedded in Salesforce, they are blazing fast and much more data-secure than similar assets running in iFrames.
  • With AgilePoint NX, you can monitor events in Salesforce without API calls.
  • You can also monitor events throughout your enterprise from within Salesforce.
  • AgilePoint NX provides API support for nineteen separate Salesforce activities

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