Monitor, trigger, and react
to events across your enterprise from
within Salesforce®.


“Seamless integration with Salesforce® that leverages
the unmatched power and flexibility of AgilePoint NX”
—Hitachi Automotive

World-Class BPMS in Salesforce®

AgilePoint NX, a regular occupant of Gartner’s iBPMS Magic Quadrant, brings all of its enterprise-class BPMS capability to Salesforce®, enabling you to create end-to-end apps, including responsive forms, enterprise-grade workflow, and custom dashboards that run natively within Salesforce® Classic and Lightning and dynamically interact with all your other systems.

Lightning Ready

AgilePoint NX business apps will run seamlessly
on both Salesforce® Classic and Lightning.
(See Salesforce App .)







Ubiquitous Dashboards of Visualized Data

AgilePoint NX tracks details regarding all relevant processes
across your enterprise and compiles them on customizable
dashboards for each Salesforce® user. Likewise, the same
dashboards can be embedded in any other application or
system, on-premises or in the cloud.


Granular Governance

AgilePoint NX allows you to embed AgilePoint’s
Management Dashboard in Salesforce®, enabling
Salesforce administrators to govern rights and privileges
to data and applications without ever leaving Salesforce®.

Data Mashups Anywhere

AgilePoint NX enables Salesforce® users to surface forms
containing data amalgamated from any number of sources.
Likewise, the same forms can be surfaced in any other
system. (See Build Great Frontends.)


Seamless Interactions with Other Systems and People

AgilePoint NX is not just for connecting Salesforce® to other cloud-based services. NX also allows
you to seamlessly integrate with on-premises systems, as well as custom-coded software applications.
Forms can be surfaced throughout these other systems, enabling people from across your
ecosystem to access data, content, and functionality.


Time and Effort Conservation

An account rep marks a Salesforce® opportunity as closed and fulfillment-cycle processes are triggered
automatically throughout the enterprise. Changes in Salesforce® Sales Forecasts automatically cascade
down to your ERP system, initiating supply chain modifications and manufacturing scheduling. There’s
no end to the types of cross-department, cross-environment interaction you can automate with
AgilePoint NX. And the more you do, the more time and effort you’ll save.